Rune Bruvik, CEO of Bruvik Fine Time Pieces

BRUVIK welcome you to a personal experience of Scandinavian design. Being a small company dedicated to high quality and modern simplicity.

When I design a new timepiece, I let my inspiration flow into the details, giving BRUVIK a strong personal expression. My inspiration comes first and foremost from Norwegian nature and Scandinavian simplicity. Fusing this with urban city life, I make timepieces that reflect the true urban nature of Norway.

Norway has a fascinating nature. The fact that we live up north, result in many attractive nature phenomena highly appreciated by travellers from all over the world. Arctic glaciers, the midnight sun and northern lights are all parts of this experience. Travelling from the arctic north to the south you pass magnificent fjords, small villages between the mountains and end up in the North Sea, the natural source of oil and Norwegian welfare. Wearing a BRUVIK – you wear a piece of Norway.

Rune Bruvik, Designer and Founder of Bruvik Fine Time Pieces